Introduction to Using a Laser to Treat Eye Floaters

Eye floaters, vitreous floaters, or moving shadows in your vision? Whatever they have been called, Vitreous Floater Solutions is the only medical practice (in the world!) exclusively treating these eye floaters. Eye Floaters can be treated despite what your doctor may have told you. Dr. James H. Johnson is a pioneer in the use of an ophthalmic YAG laser to treat these thickened densities in the back of the eye.

Dr. James H. Johnson - Medical Director

Dr. James H. Johnson Medical Director

These moving shadows affect the quality of vision and the quality of life for those suffering them. Many people are told that “nothing can be done” for their eye floaters or that they “should just learn to live with them“. We disagree. There is no natural mechanism or process to clear floaters out of the eye so your choice is to either do nothing or do something about them.

If you are a floater sufferer, you may have been told that eye floaters can not or should not be treated. We will show you the potential for relief and how floaters can be treated:

  • painlessly
  • non-invasively
  • with rapid recovery, and
  • with relatively low risk

Watch the first few minutes of this unedited video to see an actual treatment performed by Dr. Johnson. It shows a very distinct and obvious bothersome floater being obliterated by a precisely focused laser. The narration is by Dr. Johnson in real time while he is doing the procedure. We think you will find it interesting, compelling, and convincing…

In just a few minutes of treatment, this patient noticed an immediate improvement in vision. Many floater problems are more complex than the one in this video and may require more treatment. Some floaters can not be safely or successfully treated so it is important to read through the information in this web site to get a better understanding of this procedure as far as candidacy and expectations for treatment success.

Is this real? Does it really work?
Dr. Johnson is an Eye Surgeon licensed in California and Board Certified in Ophthalmology by the American Board of Medical Specialties in 2004. He has dedicated his entire profession to the treatment of eye floaters. He could not/would not do so if it wasn’t a successful procedure with acceptably low risk.

We are sure you have questions. Please use the following links (or use the menus above) to jump to some important pages for more information:

  • If you are young (under 35 years), read THIS and THIS
  • What does it cost? Information about fees is HERE
  • Will medical insurance cover this procedure? Read THIS
  • What are the risks of laser treatment? Read THIS
  • Are there any treating doctors closer to where I live? Maybe. Read THIS
  • Want to email Dr. Johnson directly? Why not. Click HERE
  • What if you have had LASIK, PRK, Cataract surgery, Retina problems? Read THIS
  • Would you rather take a pill or try some alternative treatment? Hmm. Check THIS

Dr. James H. Johnson is Medical Director and founder of Vitreous Floater Solutions Consulting & Research Group, Inc. (VFS), a California-licensed, but international medical practice exclusively treating bothersome and annoying eye floaters.

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